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The VirtualBoxwell Team is a group of dedicated former Boxwell staff members. Collectively, our experience reaches all the way back to the Old Hickory Lake Boxwell's very first summers.

We have no desire to profit off our work, but do want to share our information. All we ever ask is that if you use our material, you give us credit for it. A simple citation will do. Many people have worked countless hours to provide this information and a citation is a worthy thank you. Obviously, there is a great deal more information than is available here on the site. We are trying to get it all out there, but it takes time. If you are interested in hearing camp stories or having camp photos for yourself, we'd like to suggest looking into one of our Multimedia CDs. Links for those are below.

Also below you will find links to more specific information about the page and the work that we have been doing. There is a short history of the VirtualBoxwell.org project as well as Citation page in the footer. Every photo that is posted when this version of the site goes online are noted in terms of to whom they belonged to originally. As new photos are used, they will be updated in the Boxwell News section.

It is important for us to note that VirtualBoxwell.org has been hosted by Web-Hosting-Inc.com (formerly Christian Web Hosting) since 2000.

Boxwell Staff Alumni

VirtualBoxwell is not officially affiliated with the Middle Tennessee Council. However, if you are a former staff member, then you can be a member of the Boxwell Staff Alumni Association. The Boxwell Staff Alumni Association is an effort to get lapsed members back involved in the program. You can help plan reunions or work back out at Boxwell as a volunteer, either working on physical maintenance or adding your expertise to teaching sessions. If you are interested in joining the Boxwell Staff Alumni Association, contact the VirtualBoxwell webmaster.


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