The Camp

Welcome to the Camp Section. Here you will find the heart and soul of VirtualBoxwell. Each link below will take you to an interactive map for the specific camp. The map will give you not only information on where things are located, but on site capacities as well.

So, choose a location below to learn more about a specific camp or specific location around the reservation or even a particular camp's history. Maybe you just want to know more about a particular program area. This is the place.

Please note that site capacities are a moving target, changing year to year and sometimes week to week. The numbers here are base numbers and are subject to change. Enjoy!

How do I get to Boxwell?

If you need directions to Boxwell, click the image below for a map or download a PDF version of the map for printing.


Camp Stahlman


Camp Craig




High Adventure

High Adventure



Camp Parnell