Camp Craig

Built in 1973-74 as a result of the 1972 Capital Development Campaign, Camp Craig was the first "new" camp at Boxwell. Carved out of what was all Camp Light at the time, Craig was in many ways a more primitive camp than the older Parnell and Stahlman. For over 20 years, Camp Craig did not have flush toilets on the upper and lower loops! The camp has undergone major renovations in recent years, leading to new flush toilets and shower facilities as well as an improved waterfront, rifle range, and campfire area as well as new sites. Camp Craig has the distinction of being the home of Don Stanford Chapel, the non-demoninational religious center of Boxwell, and having, unquestionably, the most impressive dining hall on the reservation.

Presented below is fairly accurate map of the current arrangement of sites and locations at Camp Craig. Just like the other maps, the site capacity numbers here are always in flux from year to year, so do not accept these numbers as hard and fast statistics. There are also several trails in and around Craig that are not identified on the map (including a fascinating obstacle course in the woods at the back of the Athletic Field!). Hopefully though, this map and the information with it, will give you a good idea of how Craig is arranged and what it has to offer visiting troops and Scouts!

Camp Craig map Green Bar Area Camp Office Water Treatment Archery Range Staff Area Rifle Range Campsite 14 Campsite 19 Campsite 1 Campsite 2 Campsite 3 Campsite 4 Campsite 5 Showerhouse 2 Campsite 6 Campsite 7 Campsite 17 Dining Hall Trading Post Handicraft Showerhouse 1 Campsite 11 Campsite 8 Don Stanford Chapel Campsite 9 Con Yard Campsite 10 Showerhouse 3 Campsite 18 Waterfront Campsite 13 Friday Night Campfire Activity Yard Campsite 12 Sunday Night Campfire Area Campsite 15 Campsite 16 Camp Craig History

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