Camp Parnell

Like Camp Stahlman, Camp Parnell was one of Boxwell's original camps, built and opened in 1960. Unlike Stahlman, Parnell's story--for now--has a beginning and an end. Hoping to build up the reservation's summer camp numbers, Parnell (particularly its dining hall) was deemed too small for the expected increase. Thus, Parnell was closed after camp in 1998 and has remained so ever since. In 2016, a "Parnell Renaissance" began when the STEM Center moved into the Dining Hall (a link to the STEM Center may be found on the Reservation page below). Nevertheless, the rest of the camp remains unused and neglected.

Thus, what is presented here is "Classic Parnell." The map below will show you an incarnation of Parnell in its last working configuration in 1998. However, as no one knew 1998 would be the last year, a solid photo record of that year does not exist. Thus, the photos here are an amalgamation of photos of Parnell at different points and the photos are presented in black and white to reflect the "classic" presentation. As Parnell continues to transform--a new Skills Trade Center broke ground in 2021--a new current map may replace this one as Parnell will never again be a Boy Scout Resident Camp.

Parnell Map campsite 1 campsite 2 campsite 3 Showerhouse 1 Activity Yard Campsite 16 Campsite 17 Sunday Night Campfire Conservation Area Trading Post - Handicraft Camp Office Rifle Range Archery Range Campsite 15 Campsite 14 Campsite 12 Showerhouse 3 Dining Hall Campsite 13 Waterfront Campsite 11 Campsite 10 Showerhouse 2 Friday Night Campfire Campsite 7 Campsite 6 Campsite 4 Campsite 9 Campsite 8 Campsite 5 Camp Parnell History Green Bar Area

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