Camp Parnell

Like Camp Stahlman, Camp Parnell was one of Boxwell's original camps, built and opened in 1960. Unlike Stahlman, Parnell's story took a wildly different path. From 1960 through 1976, Parnell was open every summer as a Scout resident camp, just like Stahlman. Beginning in 1977, Parnell began a two year rotation with Camp Craig. It was closed for two years, allowed to rest, and then the staff and the program returned. This continued through 1998, when Parnell (particularly its dining hall) was deemed too small for an expected increase in Scouts. The camp was used once or twice for Webelos and Venturing, but largely remained abandoned until 2016. In 2016, a "Parnell Renaissance" began when the STEM Center moved into the Dining Hall and the camp has slowly been transforming ever since.

No longer a resident camp, Parnell has basically become a Career and Jobs Training Camp. It has dedicated areas to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), but also to Skilled Trades, such as automotive repair, plumbing, and masonry. There's even an area for music! Ideal for older Scouts trying to explore some different "what is life after Scouting options," Parnell is Boxwell's Life Training Center.

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