Camp Stahlman

Camp Stahlman is one of Boxwell's original camps, built and opened in 1960. It is the only one of the original camps still in operation today! In fact, throughout its long history, Stahlman has only been closed one year: 1979. This is largely due to the fact that Stahlman is Boxwell's "base camp." It has the only working kitchen on the reservation and supplies all of the other locations with food. Thus, Stahlman's importance is unquestionable!

Presented below is fairly accurate map of the current arrangement of sites and locations at Camp Stahlman. Just like the other maps, this map is based on an actual map of the Reservation, meaning the general proportions are accurate. Further, just like the other camps, the site capacity numbers here are always in flux from year to year, so do not accept these numbers as hard and fast statistics! Hopefully, this map and the information with it, will give you a good idea of how Stahlman is arranged and what it has to offer visiting troops and Scouts!

Camp Stahlman Map Reservation Sites The Pump House OA Lodge Boat Harbor Maintenance Area Staff Hut Archery Range Sunday Night Campfire Rifle Range Cooks' Quarters Dining Hall Camp Office Campsite 1 Showerhouse 1 Campsite 17 Campsite 4 Campsite 5 Showerhouse 2 Campsite 10 Waterfront Staff Site Campsite 9 Campsite 8 Campsite 6 Con-Yard Campsite 7 Campsite 3 Green Bar Program Activity Yard Campsite 2 Trading Post Handicraft Campsite 12 Campsite 11 Campsite 13 Friday Night Campfire Campsite 14 Showerhouse 3 Campsite 16 Campsite 15 Camp Stahlman History Water Treatment Plant Stahlman Chapel Gazebo

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