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Camp Craig was the last of the Scout resident camps. The camp had been part of Ward Akers' original vision for Boxwell and an area for a dining hall was even cleared in what is today Camp Light, but the funding just wasn't there in 1960. So, in 1973, following the largest capital campaign in Scouting's history (at that point!), Craig opened for one week. For a brief period, Craig, Stahlman, and Parnell all ran concurrently before Parnell and Craig began a two year rotation, starting in 1976. The most primitive of the camps on the reservation, Craig had pit toilets until the early 2000s! Brought up to date in recent, Craig is now a full time camp along with Camp Stahlman. Over the years, it has seen the leadership of men like Jerry Barnett, Kerry Parker, Aaron Patten, Ian Weir, and J. J. Norman.

Of course, if you're a Craig staff member, you know all this already. Thus, take this opportunity to check out our collection of staff photos and directors listings. If you have a photo we don't or we have some directors information incorrect, let us know.

Craig Staff, 1973-1979

Missing: Craig Staff, 1973 Missing: Craig Staff, 1974 Craig Staff, 1975 Camp Closed Missing: Craig Staff, 1977 Craig Staff, 1978 Missing: Craig Staff, 1979 Craig Directors, 1970s Craig Road
Craig Foundation Craig Foundation 2 Craig Floor Craig Veranda Back of Dining Hall Inside Dining Hall Craig Dedication Scout Display Scout Display

Craig Staff, 1980-1989

Camp Closed Camp Closed Craig Staff, 1982 Craig Staff, 1983 Camp Closed Camp Closed Craig Staff, 1986 Craig Staff, 1987 Camp Closed
Camp Closed Craig Directors, 1980s Waterfront Staff Green Bar Bill Simmons and Parker Monkey Bridge Serving Lunch Waterfront  

Craig Staff, 1990-1999

Craig Staff, 1990 Craig Staff, 1991 Camp Closed Camp Closed Craig Staff, 1994 Craig Staff, 1995 Camp Closed Camp Closed Camp Closed
Craig Staff, 1999 Craig Directors, 1990s Waterfront Staff, 1990 Waterfront Staff, 1991 Directors, 1994 Directors, 1995 Waterfront Staff, 1995 Gertie, 1994

Craig Staff, 2000-2009

Craig Staff, 2000 Craig Staff, 2001 Craig Staff, 2002 Craig Staff, 2003 Craig Staff, 2004 Missing: Craig Staff, 2005 Missing: Craig Staff, 2006 Craig Staff, 2007 Craig Staff, 2008
Craig Staff, 2009 Craig Directors, 2000s Directors, 2000 Seniors, 2000 Directors, 2002 Older Staff, 2004 Davy Crockett Staff, 2006 Seniors, 2007 Green Bar Staff, 2007

Craig Staff, 2010-2019

Craig Staff, 2010 Craig Staff, 2011 Craig Staff, 2012 Craig Staff, 2013 Craig Staff, 2014 Craig Staff, 2015 Craig Staff, 2016 Craig Staff 2017  
Craig Staff, 2018. Jason Flannery Collection. Craig Staff, 2019. Collection of Dakota Gordon. Craig Directors, 2010s Marching In Craig Waterfront Staff, 2013 Craig Handicraft, 2013 Craig Green Bar Staff, 2013 Craig AY Staff, 2013  
Craig ConYard Staff, 2013 Craig Trading Post Staff, 2013 Craig Staff Directors, 2018. Jason Flannery Collection            

Craig Staff, 2020-2029

No Camp Staff, 2020: COVID Craig Staff, 2021 Craig Staff, 2022 Craig Staff, 2023 Craig Staff, 2024        
Craig Directors, 2020s Craig waterfront Staff, 2021 Craig Staff, 2023            

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