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A Note on Credits and Attributions

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The following is what is called “provenance.” In a work of history, this is generally considered the bibliography. In archives, which is more appropriate here, “provenance” is where the material comes from and to whom it originally belonged. This list is accurate as of the original release of the version three website. Any additional changes will be noted on the Staff news updates. If any of our information is incorrect, please let us know. Having said that, there have been countless hours of effort put into providing all of this information. From scanning photos to conducting interviews to transcribing interviews to collating and organizing the data to put it into usable formats—the list is simply endless.

To give you an idea, take the photos used for the campsites portion of this website (the photos used for the maps). There were almost 6 gigabytes worth of photos taken for that aspect of the project, which had to be sorted, tagged, and resized if used. The maps themselves were all created from existing maps, which means they all had to be created from scratch. All of this resulted in over 100 manhours of work to prepare these maps. So you can see, a simple project requires an enormous amount of work!

Thus, it is imperative that we make a simple point: We have no problems with your use of our material, but use of that material must be acknowledged and/or cited.

Thus, a note on Attribution. We have gone to great lengths to identify where all of our photos originate. We have attempted to note the photographer where available. Much of what is here is in a “Collection.” Collections are groups of photos, often taken by the owner, but sometimes collected from various sources. As with archives, it is sometimes impossible to know where every single item originates. However, every photos belongs currently to someone and this has been noted by the term “Collection.”

All text on this website was written by Grady Eades. Eades is an Associate Professor of History at Volunteer State Community College. Any source material, such as interviews, articles, or books, are noted were relevant.

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A Special Thanks to Michael Seay and Russell Parham. These two men were not only staff members, but the Reservation Business Managers. Between the two of them, they documented almost 30 years of Boxwell’s history—an invaluable donation!

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The Primer

People & Positions Pod--original Unknown; digital by Russell Parham
Places & Things Pod--Collection of Michael Seay
Stories & Legends Pod--Middle Tennessee Council, Boy Scouts of America, Fiftieth Anniversary March 1, 1970--Harmon & Crook Advertising; Ken White, Designer; Al Clayton, Photographer; James Carson, Writer

People and Postions

Carl Adkins--Photo by Carl Head, 2007
Ward Akers--Akers at Parnell Cabin Dedication, Photo by Michael Seay
Bruce Atkins--edited from photo of Atkins' Woodbadge patrol, 1967, Cooper-Ragsdale Collection
Leslie G. Boxwell--Original part of MTC's Wall of Council Presidents, original photographer unknown; digital by Russell Parham
E. W. Craig--Cooper-Ragsdale Collection
E. E. Murrey--Original part of MTC's Wall of Council Presidents, original photographer unknown; digital by Russell Parham
R. L. Parnell--Original part of MTC's Wall of Council Presidents, original photographer unknown; digital by Russell Parham
E. B. Stahlman--Original part of MTC's Wall of Council Presidents, original photographer unknown; digital by Russell Parham
Tom Willhite--Photo by Russell Parham

Places and Things

Boxwell Map--From 1959 Boxwell Reservation Development Fund Booklet, MTC; collection of Charlie Ray Smith
The Dump--photo by Grady Eades, 2008
Explorer Island Bridge--photo by Grady Eades, 2010
Grizzard Gateway--photo at dedication ceremony by Michael Seay, July 1976
Hanging Entrance Sign--collection of John Cooper-Ernie Ragsdale
Pump House--photo by Michael Seay, April 1972

Stories and Legends

1976 Stahlman Staff Photo--Collection of Russell Parham
Parnell Dining Hall--Photo by Michael Seay, 1974; based on interview with John Estes, Mike Brown, David Dotson and John Walker, conducted by Grady Eades
Compound Shop Building--Photo by Michael Seay, 1974; based on interview with Tom Willhite, conducted by Russell Parham, 2002
Parnell AY Staff Site--photo by Grady Eades, 1993

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The Camp

All photos used here were taken by either Grady Eades, Cameron Grady, or Russell Parham in June 2016.
Camp Directions Map--Originally from 1989 MTC Leaders' Guide; Modified by Grady Eades, 2011
How Do I Get to Boxwell photo--Collection of Grady Eades
Camp Stahlman pod--Collection of Russ Parham; Camp Stahlman mini-window--Collection of Roman Reese
Camp Craig pod--Collection of Grady Eades; Camp Craig mini-window--Collection of Cameron Grady
Camp Parnell pod--Collection of Michael Seay; Camp Parnell mini-window--Collection of Michael Seay
CubWorld pod--Collection of Grady Eades: CubWorld mini-window--Collection of Grady Eades
High Adventure pod--Collection of Grady Eades; High Adventure mini-window--Collection of Grady Eades
Reservation Pod-- Collection of Grady Eades; Reservation mini-window--Collection of Grady Eades

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The Virtual Museum: Permanent Collection

An Actual Museum Photo (Pump House)--Collection of Grady Eades

Camp Life Section

Camp Sites Section

Trading Post Section

Program Section

Campfires Section

Dining Hall Section

The Reservation

The Third Boxwell: Rock Island

The Fourth Boxwell: Old Hickory Lake

Recent Renovations Section

Cedar Valley Section

Staff Section

Staff Reunion Section

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The Virtual Museum: Special Exhibitions

Farmer Bush with cows--Collection of Russell Parham

1959 Capital Development Campaign

Source material: Creighton, Wilbur F. and Leland Johnson, Boys Will Be Men: Middle Tennesse Scouting Since 1910, Nashville: Parthenon Press, 1983.; High Adventure for Middle Tennessee Boys: Boxwell Reservation Development Fund, 1959.

Camp Murrey

Source Material: Taped interviews with Chester LaFever, Jimmy Joe Jackson, and Steve Eubank.

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The Staff Gallery

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About Us

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