CubWorld originally began life as one of Boxwell's three original camps: Camp Murrey. A camp designed for use by families in the summer, Camp Murrey's attendance had dropped steadily from the late 1970s. Therefore, part of the 1994 Capital Development Campaign was to dramatically overhaul and renovate Murrey into something similar, but totally new. The decision was to build a camp dedicated to Cub Scouts. Gaylord Entertainment in Nashville contributed the lion's share of the money needed to build the camp and Gaylord CubWorld was born. With a younger audience in mind, CubWorld has themed areas and more "playground" types of structures than the Boy Scout resident camps. Thus, only at CubWorld will you find not one, but two pirate ships, a castle, a fort, and a Native American village!

Presented below is fairly accurate map of the current arrangement of sites and locations at CubWorld. Just like the other maps, this map is based on the actual geography of Boxwell.. And again, just like the other camps, the site capacity numbers here are always in flux from year to year, so do not accept these numbers as hard and fast statistics! Hopefully, this map and the information with it, will give you a good idea of how CubWorld is arranged and what it has to offer visiting packs, dens, and Scouts!

CubWorld Map Boat Harbor Hackney Pavilion Pirates' Cove Cub-A-Lot Castle Cabin 8 Cabin 7 Cabin 6 Cabin 5 Cabin 4 Cabin 3 Staff Site Cabin 2 Cabin 1 Campfire Area Latrine 4 Site 7 Latrine 6 Site 6 Fort Cub Site 5 Dining Hall Site 4 CubWorld Gateway Site 3 Latrine 5 Site 2 Trading Post Site 1 Showerhouse 2 Native American Village Showerhouse 1 Boating Area Latrine 3 Site 8 Site 9 Program Shelter Gaylord CubWorld History Field Sports Check In Boat Harbor Maintenance Area Waste Water Treatment Site 10 Pavilion Shooting Sports Teaching Pavilion 1 GaGa Ball

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High Adventure



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