High Adventure Area

Technically speaking, Boxwell's High Adventure Area is the newest addition to the camp. The "technical" part of this comes from the fact that while C.O.P.E. has been part of the reservation since 1985 and the Woodbadge area (Camp "Beany" Elam) since the mid-1970s, it has only been recently that this area of Camp Light has been continuously developed and pulled together under one moniker. The High Adventure Area today contains not only Woodbadge (for adult leaders) and C.O.P.E., but a swimming pool, a shotgun range, and a High Adventure Center, primarily for corporate clients and special events. A gateway was added in 2008 to memorialize former staff member and OA Lodge Chief Josh Sain, formerly pulling the whole area together under one umbrella. Unlike the other areas of Boxwell, this area is not a 'resident camp,' where Scouts and leaders come to live for an extended period of time. Nevertheless, the High Adventure Area claims two of the most demanded sites on the reservation: the pool and the rappelling tower!

Presented below is fairly accurate map of the current arrangement of sites and locations in the High Adventure Area. Just like the other maps, this map is based on an actual camp map and is therefore reasonably accurate. Hopefully, this map and the information with it, will give you a good idea of how the High Adventure Area is arranged and what it has to offer visiting troops and Scouts!

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