In Memory...

Boxwell has existed in some form since 1921. Most Staff Reunions have focused on the Old Hickory Boxwell and Rock Island. Still, as of the 2014 Reunion, there was still a list of over 2700 people who had served on staff. Including the Narrows and the Linton camps--information we don't have--would increase this list to well over 3000 Staff members.

Sadly, this also means that not all former staff members are still with us.

Given a history of almost 100 years, it would be impossible to build a comprehensive list of all those staff members who have passed on. However, given the work done at past Reunions and the updates from the "Boxwell News" section of this website, we can present a partial list.

The list below includes all the names we are aware of at this time. There are undoubtedly more and if you know of someone not on this list, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. Where we have specific information, the name will be hyperlinked. The link will take you to a posting in the "Boxwell News" section on the staff member's death.

We feel honor-bound to present this list of comrades, colleagues, and friends who are no longer with us today. Each of these people gave some part of their lives to Scouting and to Boxwell in particular. They are still missed today.

Mark Accas

Elizabeth Akers

James Akers

Ward Akers

Ward Akers, Jr.

Radford Akridge

Raymond Allman

George T. Andrews, Jr.

Frank Arias

Bruce Atkins

Dominick Azzara

William "Buster" Barry

Thomas Barry

Todd Bockman

John E. "Jack" Bouchard, III (Rock Island)

Isham "Ike" Bradley

Olpha E. Brandon (Narrows of the Harpeth)

Kermit Breed

Charles H. Brewer

Perry Bruce

Jerry Burlison

E. Farmer Bush

Lonnie Butts

Martha F. Cardiff

Tyler Cates

Robert W. Chaffin

Roger Charlet

Betty Claud

Willie Claud

Tim Cooper

Archie Crain

Patrick Deugaw

Tim Dickens

Stan W. Erwin

Kevin Farmer

Henry Fitts

Jim Frazier

Bill Freeman

Robert "Bob" Garner

Lannie R. Good

Richard Henry Graves

William “Punkin” Green

Austin Hanchey

Bill Hargis

Al Hendrickson

Bob Holt

Jack Holt

Ed Human

Elizabeth Ann Jackson

Jimmy Joe Jackson

Larry S. Jackson

James “Foxy” Johnson

Joe Keathley

Shirley Kimbro

Douglas "Red" Kirby

Alan Kirkpatrick

Chester LaFever

Estelle “Mrs. Bea” Lankford

Claus "Dutch" Mann

Steve Manning

Ralph Manus

Mark McWhorter

H. D. “Nick” Nichols

Ron Oakes

Randy C. Oakley

Tom Parker

Norman Patterson

Floyd “Q-ball” Pearce

Ernie Ragsdale

Bobby Reasons

Buford "Booty" Reed (Rock Island)

Clarence Rich

John "Johnny" Roe, Jr.

Ted Rodgers

Nickie Rossell

Aaron Rook

Garland Russell

Josh R. Sain

Pearl Schleicher

John Schleicher

Jon Scudder

Brian C. Shavers

Morris Smiley

Bobby Smith

Charlie Ray Smith

Campbell Smoot (Rock Island)

Shawn Stewart

F. C. Stratton IV

Earl Tatum

Jimmy Wakefield

Brian Watson

M. Thomas Willhite

Earl Woolwine, III

Robert Worden, Jr.

Coleman B. Wright

Tom Young

Robert "Bob" Younts, Jr.

Bryan Zapotocky