The Media page is the threshold for a sampling of the visual and auditory media we have accumulated over the years. Most of this material is currently in the form of photos and those photos have been posted to the photo-sharing website Flickr.

Flickr of course is not just a place to showcase photos, it is also a place to make comments. If you don't have a Flickr account, we'd encourage you to open one (it's free!). Then you can comment on the images there and possibly even help us identify some people! You'll notice that most of the images have data associated with them. Most of this data is simply tags to help organize the information, but you will also see dates, picture resolution, and the photographer/collection if we know it. If you use one of our photos, please make sure you cite it as coming from us and the photographer/collection to whom it originally belonged! Thanks!

We also have audio material. Some of these are songs, but a lot of the audio is in the form of interviews and stories. Not all of this can be placed online here, but much of it is available on the multimedia CDs.

In the future, we hope to post not only more video here, but also podcasts. There is a wealth of material to put out and what you see here is just the tip of the iceberg!

Flickr Photos

There are thousands of photos for VirtualBoxwell on Flickr. However, trying to wade through them all can be a chore. In an attempt to help, the photos have been organized into Collections.

Click an icon below to visit a specific collection.

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Flickr_Craig Flickr_Stahlman Flickr_StahlmanII

Flickr_Parnell Flickr_Rock_Island

Audio Songs


Audio Stories