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The Audio samples below are low grade examples of some of the media we have collected over the years. There should be no reason to download anything, just play the sample with the controls below.

Camp Songs

Stahlman Staff, "Scout Vespers," 2004 from Songs of Boxwell

Craig Staff, "The Announcements Song," 2004 from Songs of Boxwell

Craig Staff, "The Beaver Song," 2004 from Songs of Boxwell

Craig Staff, "The Prune Song," 2004 from Songs of Boxwell

Craig Staff, "Little Brown Mouse," 2004 from Songs of Boxwell

Stahlman Staff, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," 2003 from Songs of Boxwell

Parnell Staff, "The Saturday Song," 1997

A Little Camp Song History

Camp Songs are undeniably a staple of the summer camp experience. And, believe it or not, most summer camp songs have a history, though most of us are hardly aware of what that history is!

For instance, "Zoomba" has been a very popular camp song in recent years. However, for the first 30 years of Boxwell, there was no "Zoomba." The song was brought to Boxwell in 1992 by Todd Metcalf from Skymont Scout Reservation, a Boy Scout camp from the Cherokee Area Council in Chattanooga, TN.

Other camp songs come from very mundane places. Many camp songs are television show themes, such as "Gilligan's Island," "The Brady Bunch," and "Log!" Some songs are hymns, such as "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and "Amazing Grace." Still others have their roots in folk and bluegrass, such as "Hangman." Some camp songs are simply new arrangements. Stahlman's "Boxwell" is really "O Tannenbaum," a German folk hymn (known as "Oh Christmas Tree" in English) with new words added!

Some camp songs are unique to Boxwell. Obviously, the previously mentioned "Boxwell" from Stahlman's staff is a great example of this. Another example is "America." The story has long been that a Vietnam vet wrote this song. He was killed in action, but when his belongings were returned home, this song was found and given it to the Middle Tennessee Council. Whether this story is true is unknown, but it is believed that the song is unique to Boxwell at Old Hickory Lake.

Many camp songs though are "generic." This doesn't diminish the songs at all. Indeed, it makes them part of a much larger folk history! Many songs are part of what has come to be known as Burgess & LaVarre Songbook. This songbook has been passed around among dedicated Scouters for years. Below you will find a link for an Adobe PDF version of the songbook. This particular songbook was updated and modified for the Parnell 1997 staff. Thus, you will find Boxwell specific songs here. This compilation was created by 1997 Parnell Camp Commissioner Fred Rigsby.

Burgess & LaVarre Songbook, 1997, 4th Edition

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