Camp Songs

It goes without saying the camp stories are an essential part of the camp experience. While some stories with "stay at camp" (just like some things "stay in Vegas"), others are worth retelling. Here is a sampling of some of the interviews taken over the years.

Eric Cole explains the 1989 Spam Hunt, 1998
Eric Cole was a Parnell-Craig staff member from 1989-1994.

Kerry Parker Interviews Billy Walker about Narrows of the Harpeth, 2004
Billy Walker is a long time Scouter and the major contributor to Boxwell's C.O.P.E.

Grady Eades Interviews Tom Roussin about Stahlman Kitchen Staff, 2003
Tom Roussin was a Parnell staff member from 1979-1981, Craig staff from 1982 and 1983, and Stahlman staff from 1984-1993.

Kerry Parker Interviews Ward Akers, Jr. about Rock Island, 2001
Ward Akers, Jr. is the son of Ward Akers, the second Council Executive, serving from 1947 to 1975.

Grady Eades Interviews Web Webster about Tom Willhite and Ernie Ragsdale, 2004
Web Webster was a Stahlman staff member from 1982-1989.

Staff Stories and Interviews

A critical part of the work of the VirtualBoxwell team has been collecting stories and interviews from former staff members. Every year new stories are created, but old stories are often forgotten and little pieces of Boxwell's history disappear.

We would encourage any former staff member to create a recording of their camp stories and time at camp. Recordings can be done on tape or can be digital, either through a simple microphone recording onto your computer or through a digital voice recorder. The important thing with the recording is to capture not only your stories and reflections, but your voice and inflections. These are just as important as the stories you tell!

What should a recording include? Here are a few simple things to consider and to include:

  • An Introduction: Who you are, what camps you worked at, when you worked there, what areas and positions you held, and when you are making this particular recording.
  • A Chronology: What years did you work at camp? What were some big events that happened in each of those years? What made one year different from another?
  • Personalities: Who were some important people you worked with while at Boxwell? These can be either leaders, like directors, or just significant people in your experience.
  • Operations: How did your area operate? How did Boxwell operate? What was an average week like? What was involved in set-up and take-down? Camp operations have changed a lot over the years!
  • Living: What were living conditions like with the staff? How were the staff sites arranged? Who were the people you lived with? What did you do with your free time?
  • Program: What kinds of program did your staff put on? What merit badges were taught? How did campfires run?
  • Stories: What were some particularly memorable stories from your time?

Once you had a recording complete, contact us using the "Contact Us" link below and we'll get the recordings added to the archives!

Audio Songs


Audio Stories