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Have you ever wondered about the history of Boxwell? Or what program was like at camp years ago? This website is an attempt to give you some of that information - a peek back through the haze to see what Boxwell used to be like through pictures, stories and songs!

The Reservation section looks at how camp facilities have changed over the years since 1960. This is a great place for pictures of when camps had tents for trading posts and offices! Recent Renovations will look at buildings after the initial 1959 construction.

Camp Life explores what a week at camp was like for a Scout at Boxwell Reservation. Obviously, Boxwell has changed a great deal since 1960. Thus, the day to day activities have Scouts have changed a great deal too!

Program looks at games, merit badges, songs and other such camp program over the years. A great place to finally learn the words to some of those songs you never understood!

The Staff section takes a quick look at some of those Scouts and Scouters that have served on Boxwell's staff over the years.

There is also a special section on the First Boxwells. Before Boxwell Reservation, Camp Boxwell--a single camp site--existed in three other locations. This page will give some insight into those earlier versions of Boxwell.

On the museum pages will be images to the right. Click on those for larger images.

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First Boxwells

First Boxwells

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