Boxwell Primer

prim·er (ˈpri-mər): noun

Definition: a small introductory book on a subject; a short informative piece of writing; a small book for teaching children to read

In colonial times, a primer was an elementary school textbook that introduced students to ideas and basic principles. For the 21st century, this Boxwell primer is to briefly introduce you to people, places, and stories that you may have heard about, but weren't sure what they were.

Thus, the Boxwell Primer is divided into three sections. Section One is People and Positions, exploring important people in Boxwell's history and positions they may have held. Section Two is Places and Things, which explains landmarks around the reservation or oddities that might not make sense. Section Three is stories and legends, which is pretty self-explanatory!

This is a work in progress, so check back! If there are things you think should be here, but aren't yet or things you would like to know about, but don't see, drop us a note. We'll fill in the holes!


A camp staff, indeed summer camp itself, is built upon traditions that are passed down from one generation to the next. Of course, a "generation" is one summer and each summer's staff is different than the one before it. Some years have little turn over, while others have enormous changes.

So what happens over time? Traditions are lost. Stories either become legend of fade away. People are forgotten entirely. When any of these are mentioned, new staff often don't know what the reference is. It is like talking to someone born in the 1990s about portable transistor radioes! The Primer is an attempt to address those "memory issues" as Boxwell gets older and older.

If there are particular traditions you remember, tell us about it!

Shelter Signings

People & Positions

Primer: People

Places & Things

Primer: Places

Stories & Legends

Primer: Stories