The Staff

Did you work on the staff? If so, this may be the place for you! Here you will find listings for directors and staff photos, as well as some "casual" photos of life on staff over the years. Use the links below to either check out the Staff and Its Leadership. If you see mistakes, omissions, or just have a suggestion, let us know. This portion is always a work in progress and there are definitely some holes!

Again, please keep in mind that much of this is a work in progress. If you see something that is incorrect or information that is missing, click the "Contact Us" link below and fill us in! Also, note that our information on the Administrative Staff, Woodbadge and CubWorld is woefully incomplete. We have some information, but we know there is a great deal more out there. Still, instead of ignoring these sections, we felt it important to acknowledge their contributions to Boxwell.

The Other Boxwells

Obviously, our primary focus here is the Old Hickory Lake Boxwell. However, there were staffs at the Linton Boxwell, the Narrows of the Harpeth Boxwell, and the Rock Island Boxwell. You can find the information we have on the other Boxwells here.

To our knowledge, there are no photos of the Linton and Narrows of the Harpeth staffs. However, there are a handful of photos from the Rock Island staff and Rock Island life. Many of these images are included below in the Rock Island section.

At one time, there were at least two panoramic photos of the first two Boxwells. We are fairly confident that both of these photos have either been destroyed or lost to history.

Stahlman Staff


Craig Staff


CubWorld Staff

CubWorld Staff

Parnell Staff

Parnell Staff

Reservation Staff

Adminstrative Staff

Staff Reunions

2014 Staff Reunion