The Reservation

Before Stahlman, Parnell, Murrey, Craig, High Adventure or anything else, there was simply "the reservation." Starting with securing a special Act of Congress for the lakefront landby 1957, Scouts were camping on open land that would be Boxwell before the camp even opened in 1960. As the years have gone by, Boxwell Reservation has continued to develop. Some things are brand new, like the Frisbee Golf Course, while others go all the way back to the very beginning, like the Cripple Crab. Some items on the reservation replace older versions, like the sign at the end of Creighton Lane, while others are original locations that have been enhanced as the years have gone by, like the Fehrmann Training Center (originally Akers Cabin) and the Boat Harbor (originally the Ski Dock). Regardless of its standing, the locations on the reservation continue to keep their unique "Boxwell" feel and continued to offer a unique experience for Scouts!

Presented below is fairly accurate map of the current arrangement of sites and locations on the Reservation. Just like the other maps, this map is based on an actual map of the Reservation, meaning the general proportions are accurate. Hopefully, this map and the information with it, will give you a good idea of how the entire Reservation is arranged and what it has to offer visiting troops and Scouts!

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High Adventure



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