VirtualBoxwell Version 3

Welcome to the new and improved News Section of VirtualBoxwell!  As we have in the past, we will try to keep you updated with the newest information concerning Boxwell, its staff, and the Middle Tennessee Council.  Fear not, the old posts are not gone.  You can catch up on old information below.

This new News section will be more robust than the last Staff News section was.  Now, when appropriate, photos will be posted, in addition to the regular news and links we post.  Also, you will be able to comment on the posts–just like a real blog!  Isn’t technology grand?

We hope that you enjoy the new blog and the new site.  Leave us a comment with your thoughts or stories.  We’ll be happy to have them!  If you have a direct question that needs quick answering, please use the Contact link found at

The Virtual Boxwell Team