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Undeniably, another big name in the history of Boxwell Reservation is Tom Willhite.  In addition to serving as a camp director at Parnell in 1967, Willhite is still the longest serving Reservation Director in Boxwell’s history, working in that position from 1976 to 1994.

And that 18 year run was quite a ride!  In 1976, due to forces beyond his control, Willhite’s first summer camp staff was charged room and board by the Council, leading to the Great Staff Strike his first summer!  Over the years, Willhite instituted the red staff hat, performed a “mini-capital campaign” that replaced the roofs on most buildings as Boxwell, brought COPE to Boxwell, oversaw a long period of stability with Ragsdale and Barnett as program directors, and worked with the 1994 Capital Development Campaign–the largest in Scouting history at that time with a goal of over $9 million–that led to the creation of Gaylord CubWorld and “The Flip” at Camp Craig, where the waterfront moved to Duck Head.  Of course, these were just the big events; there were countless small ones, like paving the deck at the Cripple Crab.  Indeed, perhaps the great success of Tom Willhite was putting together a well known program on what was essentially a shoe string budget.

Willhite at the Crab

Tom Willhite at the Cripple Crab, 1990.

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