From the Archives, April 28, 2013

With the start of summer camp right around the corner, we will be wrapping our exploration of the 1972 Capital Development Campaign soon.  Indeed, there are even some ideas about how to make the summer camp weeks a bit more exciting!

In the meantime, we need to finish up with the aftermath of the ’72 campaign.  And right now, we need to finish Craig Dining Hall.  Here is an interior photo of the dining hall proper, sans roof.

Dining Hall sans roof

An interior photo of the dining hall proper, here is Craig Dining Hall from the inside before the roof is completed.

From the Archives, April 21, 2013

The results of 1972 Capital Development Campaign continue this week as we work to finish building Camp Craig Dining hall.  Now the interesting pictures begin as we move beyond the foundation and the more iconic structures begin to emerge.

Upright Pillars

With the basement complete, construction begins on the dining hall proper. It is already very clear that while some elements are the same, such as the stone, this is not going to be a dining hall like Stahlman and Parnell.

From The Archives: April 14, 2013

We continue our exploration of the results of the 1972 Capital Development Campaign this week.  Once again, we specifically focus on the building of Camp Craig. Finally, we are into the color photos!  This week’s photo shows the construction of the Dining Hall itself in the early months of 1973.  Welcome to Craig Basement!

Craig Dining Hall Basement

Building the Basement of Craig Dining Hall. Photo by Michael Seay, 1973.