From the Archives, June 30, 2013

While working on camp staff is definitely about working with Scouts and putting on a great program, sometimes it is about pranks.  Any staff member for any period of time knows that pranks are a part of life at camp.  Sometimes the pranks are between program areas, sometimes between camps, sometimes between individual staff members.

This week’s From The Archives honors the Boxwell Prank.  In this photo from the summer of 1993, two Parnell Staff members (Robert Barnard and Grady Eades) have moved the car of fellow staff member Jason Walker from the Parnell parking lot down into the Parnell Dining Hall, where it waited until breakfast the next morning.

Car in Dining Hall

Robert Barnard and Grady Eades move a fellow staff member’s car into Parnell Dining Hall where it sat until breakfast program.

Summer Camp, 1970s II

Unfortunately, as with Stahlman, we have no record of a 1973 Parnell Staff photo. Of course, Camp Craig was not yet open and Murrey took no staff photos that we have ever seen.  So, to help round out the 1970s, here is Parnell’s Activity Yard in 1970.  Parnell’s AY moved around camp several times over the years.  At this point, it is located on the trail down to the Waterfront from the dining hall, between sites 9 and 11.

Parnell AY

Parnell’s Activity Yard in 1970. Located between the dining hall and the waterfront at this point, the AY would move at least three more times over the next 25 years from a location by Showerhouse 1, to another location by Showerhouse 2, and then back toward Showerhouse 1!

Summer Camp, 1970s

Last week, we posted 1963 staff photos on Facebook.  There wasn’t much need in doing that here as all staff photos are already part of the VirtualBoxwell Staff section.  However, as there are no 1973 staff photos that we are aware of, we provide you with these glimpses of camp life in the 1970s.

Stahlman Waterfront, 1970

This is Stahlman Waterfront in 1970. Note the lack of trees on Explorer Island in the background.

From The Archives, June 16, 2013

Like Camps Stahlman and Parnell, the Boat Harbor opened in 1960 as part of Boxwell.  The Boat Harbor went by a different name then; it was called “The Ski Dock.”  Unlike Stahlman (but like Parnell!), the Boat Harbor closed.  In 1976 for financial reasons, the Ski Dock was closed and was not reopened until 1995 when the previous year’s capital development campaign raised enough funds to overhaul the site.

Here is the Ski Dock in its original run.  Seated to the left is “Skip” Dow, Boat Harbor staff member. Skip is teaching Sailing Merit Badge.  The photo was taken by Chris “Kit” Eckert, who, in 1970, was the reservation’s official photographer.

Skip Dow. Boat Harbor.

Skip Dow (seated, left) during the Ski Dock’s original run. Photo by Chris “Kit” Eckert, 1970.

Summer Camp, Week One

Week One of Boxwell’s Summer Camp program begins today.  To commemorate this event, we post two photos of new things at Boxwell this summer. First, for the youngest Scouts, is a “life-sized” replica of an X-Wing fighter. The replica sits outside the CubWorld Dining Hall and has cockpit that kids can actually sit in.  Second, for older Scouts, is a new Zipline system that runs through the forest between Camp Parnell Road and Camp Craig Road down to the High Adventure Area.  The course is very impressive, though it doesn’t photograph well!

X-Wing at CubWorld

“Life Size” replica of an X-wing fighter parked outside the CubWorld Dining Hall.

Zipline sign

Boxwell’s new zipline trail. There are at least four platforms as the zipline traverses the area from the Health Lodge down to the High Adventure Area.