From the Archives, June 30, 2013

While working on camp staff is definitely about working with Scouts and putting on a great program, sometimes it is about pranks.  Any staff member for any period of time knows that pranks are a part of life at camp.  Sometimes the pranks are between program areas, sometimes between camps, sometimes between individual staff members.

This week’s From The Archives honors the Boxwell Prank.  In this photo from the summer of 1993, two Parnell Staff members (Robert Barnard and Grady Eades) have moved the car of fellow staff member Jason Walker from the Parnell parking lot down into the Parnell Dining Hall, where it waited until breakfast the next morning.

Car in Dining Hall

Robert Barnard and Grady Eades move a fellow staff member’s car into Parnell Dining Hall where it sat until breakfast program.

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