Scenes From Explorer Island, 1971, Day 3

“Scenes From Explorer Island” continues with something perhaps more unique than most give credit.  The photo below is of the Pump House and the OA Lodge.  What makes this photo special is the Pump House.  In 1971, the Pump House is still a working part of Boxwell.  You can see here the reservoir and silt tanks are still available. In short, the Pump House pumped water from Old Hickory Lake, purified it, and then sent it up to the Water Tower where it was distributed to the rest of the reservation. The Pump House was replaced in the late 1970s by water from the Laguardo Water District.

Pump House form Island

In this photo of the Pump House, you can see the reservoir and silt tanks still in place. This was a working pump house!

Scenes From Explorer Island, 1971

We’re always looking for good themes here at VirtualBoxwell.  While there are lots of fantastic photos out there, we generally like having a series of pictures with a related theme.  This week we’re going to do a dedicated series of landscapes taken from Explorer Island.  All these photos were taken in July 1971 by former Business Manager Michael Seay.  Now, keep in mind, that in 1971, the reservation has only been open for a little over a decade.  As a result, things look a bit different!

Crab from Island

Here is the Cripple Crab from Explorer Island. Notice that there is no amphitheatre yet and the trees are low enough both on the island and on the banks of the mainland to allow for this photo.

From The Archives: July 21, 2013

While it may seem hard to believe, there was a time when people actually sent mail to each other.  Not e-mail, not text messages, but actual hard copy, written by hand letters and cards!  For campers and staff alike, in the days before cell phones and internet, mail was one of the few ways to reliable connect with the outside world.  Here then is a Boxwell Post Card that could be purchased at the Trading Posts and either kept as a memento or sent home to friends and family.  Of course, it was possible that you could get home before the card did!

The back of the card had the following message:
CAMP BOXWELL RESERVATION FOR BOY SCOUTS is located on Old Hickory Lake, five miles South of Gallatin, Tennessee, on State Highway 109.  The reservation, covering 1,133 acres, is among the best in the nation.  Boxwell Reservation address is: Route #4, Lebanon, Tennessee, or Middle Tennessee Council, 207 24th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37203.  Phone 291-3820.

post card

A Boxwell Postcard from the 1960s. Note that there is no amphitheater yet and virtually no trees down the hill or on Explorer Island. In fact, if you look carefully, you can see the Pump House in the background beside the man’s head!