From the Archives: September 29, 2013

As you are undoubtedly aware by this point, is a repository of an immense amount of photos relating to the history of Boxwell Reservation.  Indeed, we have literally thousands of photos–some good, some great, some only okay–of the reservation over the years.  It is an immense collection and, with your help, growing.

What you may not be aware of is that we also have hundreds of hours of audio interviews. Conducted over the last 10 years or so, we have tried to interview a variety of people.  We transcribe these interviews and make audio CDs from the sessions.

So, for the next month, instead of photos, VirtualBoxwell is going to be sharing stories.  This first installment is the transcript of the interview with Tom Willhite in September 2002.  Included here is the transcript in its entirety.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll just focus on individual stories.  If you have anything to add, namely stories of your own, we encourage you to do so.

So, enjoy this 2002 interview with Tom Willhite, conducted by Russell Parham.  Included for your entertainment is an MP3 file from the interview about the red staff hat.

Tom Willhite interview, September 2002_vb

Tom Willhite Funeral Information

Tom Willhite passed away this morning, Sunday, September 22, 2013 while preparing for church.  The current belief is that he suffered a sudden and massive heart attack.

Visitation will be Tuesday September 24th 4-8 pm at the Murfreesboro Funeral Home (145 Innsbrooke Blvd, Murfreesboro TN – 615-896-2229)

The funeral will be on Wednesday September 25th at 11:00 am.  Visitation that morning starting at 9:00 am

Burial will be in the Fountain Grove Cemetery in Morrison TN.  (43 miles south in a community cemetery near the home of Tom and Marie Willhite.)

From the Archives, September 22, 2013

This week’s posting is nothing special.  In fact, it is downright mundane.  Nevertheless, it does relate a certain something about Boxwell.

The photo below is the “Boxwell Reservation” sign that hangs in the compound.  Anyone who has worked at Boxwell for any extended period of time knows that the compound is the hub of all the work that takes place during the summer.  It is also the home of the rangers and the focal point of all the work they do during camp and after.  The insignia itself is on the work shed, where the Rangers have their tools and work on their various projects.  The insignia is only significant in the sense that it dates our lovely reservation.  Note that the BSA insignia is the old school Scouting logo, which was replaced in the early nineties by the current, more contemporary design.  Indeed, this sign shows that as Boxwell approaches 55 years at Old Hickory Lake, there are portions of the reservation that are quite old!

Aside from the image, there are two quick items of “business” to put out to all who visit:
1) If you are a Boxwell staff member, we encourage–we STRONGLY encourage–you to register your address for the 2014 Reunion.  We are trying to track down every single staff member who worked at Boxwell and it is a huge job!  The more people who register their addresses the better!  We currently have 90+ people.  We need to find 2500! Tell your friends. Let’s make it happen.
2) VirtualBoxwell is always looking for new themes to explore.  What “theme” would you like to see for the month of October?

Enjoy the photo and we hope to see your name pop up on the address registration list!

Boxwell Insignia

This is the Boxwell Reservation sign on the Rangers’ Shed in the compound. Note the old BSA logo as well as the fade on the colors.