2 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Tom Willhite

  1. I worked on staff for several years in the early 1990s. I remember walking into the old Jett Potter for my first Boxwell Staff interview, until the last time I saw him over near Green Hills Mall several years ago. When I got the notice of his passing, I immediately tried to remember his face and his general expression. I remember it to be one resembling “duty” or “responsibility.” I tried to imagine, through his years of work, how many young men’s lives he had affected. Impossible to count. You can dress it up with whatever uniform you want, but the bottom line was that at Boxwell, a lot of the Lord’s work was being done, thru Scouting. Tom Willhite was a good shepherd of Boxwell, a good friend to Scouting, and a very honorable man for his works. My family and I will pray for him and his family, and feel certain that thru his good works, he is deservedly with his creator, in happiness.

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