From the Archives, December 29, 2013

Camp Staff are not the only ones who live at Boxwell.

As we wrap up 2013, it is nice to take a moment to remember that Boxwell is crawling with living inhabitants all year.  Anyone who has worked on staff has probably experienced a scene similar to the one shown here.  Raccoons become increasingly brazen in the middle of the summer with trash everywhere!  Indeed, most staff members have a story about a raccoon in their trash… or in their footlocker… or sitting on their chest eating a bag of potato chips!

The image here is from the old COPE staff site, which used to be at Camp Stahlman down by the Pump House.  Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the COPE staff enjoyed a secluded existence.  When the staff sites were merged, this location became part of what is today Stahlman Site 16.

Trash Raccoons

Raccoons in the trash are just part of the life of a staff member!

From The Archives, December 21, 2013

Every Staff member needs a break… even a Program Director.

Camp Murrey was a family camp, but it was also the place where the adult staff lived during their time at Boxwell.  In the 1960s, when Boxwell ran for 9 weeks, the adult leadership stayed at Camp Murrey.  After all, there were no Program Director’s cabins yet!

Here we see Chester LaFever, Stahlman’s Program Director, relaxing on the beach at Murrey’s Waterfront.  His son Larry is out in the water.  Chester is chatting with Mrs. John Roe and Mrs. Andrew Matteson, wives of at least one staff member at Boxwell. Yes, staff members brought their wives to Boxwell and those wives lived at Murrey all summer long.  The men worked at their respective camps and the women lived at Murrey.  Boxwell was definitely a different place!

There are two specific things worth noting here.  The first is cultural–note the the swimsuits of the women.  Both have “shorts” on the bottom half of their suits.  The second is promotional–note the crop marks in the margins on the photo.  This photo was used from promotional means by the Council.

Chester Lafever at Beach

Program Director Chester LaFever on the beach at Camp Murrey. To his right are Mrs. John Roe and Mrs. Andrew Matteson. His son Larry is in the water.

From the Archives, December 15, 2013

Some photos just don’t make any sense at first glance!

In 1991, a Louisana troop came to stay at Boxwell and they suggested the camp celebrate Mardi Gras, even though Mardi Gras is usually much earlier in the year.  Nevertheless, the camp and the staff rose to the occassion and put on a Boxwell-style Mardi Gras parade.  Slushi tokens were thrown.  Camp Style floats were made.  Reservation Director Tom Willhite even participated!

Seen here is the “float” for Stahlman’s Waterfront.  It is unknown who is “pulling” the tractor, but that is Ben Webster driving the Massey 230–a tractor (amazingly) that is still in service today!

Mardi Gras

A Louisiana troop brought Mardi Gras to Boxwell in 1991. Here is the Stahlman Waterfront “float” for the parade.

From the Archives, December 8, 2013

Boxwell program changes to some degree every year–but some things remain the same.

Pictured here is the 1993 Camp Parnell staff marching in on a Sunday evening, specifically July 4, 1993.  On the back row, you can see Field Sports staff member John Hensely with a rifle, preparing the July 4th Salute.  On the front row, the color guard that night (L-R) was most of the Con Yard staff: Scott Grantham, Bo Collier, and Jason Shumaker.

Marching in continues to be part of the Boxwell program.  For the rest of this month, we’ll be looking at program activities of the Boxwell staff.  Some will be long gone, some will be current, and some will be single year phenomenon.  Enjoy.

Parnell Marchin

The Parnell Staff marches in to dinner, Sunday, July 4, 1993. At this time, the flagpole was located at the dining hall.

From the Archives, December 1, 2013

This week we present two pages from a 1940 Leaders’ Guide.  That’s right–a Leaders’ Guide from Narrows of the Harpeth.  Of course, they didn’t call it a Leaders’ Guide; it was simply a Camp Bulletin.  It was mailed out to Scouts and included basic information about Boxwell on the Narrows.

The two pages here are pages 3 and 6.  Swimming, Lifesaving and Canoeing are all here, just like today, but on Sundays there was a Canoeing and Swimming Regatta!  Also note the “What to Bring” section, which outlines some rather standard and expected items, such as socks, underwear, and a handbook.  But also note that Scouts should bring their own utensils and plates as well as a sack for dishes!

Other pages outline the daily schedule as well as activities.  Perhaps the most interesting portion is from page two (not pictured), which identifies this camp as the “New Camp”!

1940 Leaders' Guide

Above is “Leaders’ Guide,” known at the time simply as a “Camp Bulletin,” from 1940. Note the similarities to Boxwell today… and the differences!