From the Archives, January 25, 2014

Parnell From the Air!

Our “Aerial Boxwell” series continues into part four this week with a look at Camp Parnell.  We continue our lesiurely flight along the “coast” of the reservation, looking at the different camps from an aerial perspective.

The first photo approaches Parnell from the Stahlman side. In the lower right corner is the Athletic field (or the first Assembly area depending on when you worked!).  As you move across the bottom, you can see Showerhouse One and the Dining Hall.  At the top of the photo is COPE tower.

The second photo gives a better view of the Parnell Dining Hall.  The long standing legend from the 1980s is the story of “See Rock City” painted on the dining hall roof. Sadly, you can tell from this photo that 30 years is long enough for even the best paint to fade!

The third photo is a nice view of Parnell Bay.  In the foreground is Explorer Island and Explorer Island Bridge (now officially known as the Johnny Garrott Bridge). To the right of Parnell Bay is the Parnell Waterfront.  To the left is the Camp Light waterfront.  Showerhouse Two and the Parnell Dining hall are clearly visible in the woods to the right.

Next up… Camp Craig!

Parnell Aerial, 2013

Camp Parnell from the air. Showerhouse One, the Dining Hall, and COPE Tower are all visible.

Parnell Aerial 2

Camp Parnell Dining Hall from the air. Showerhouse Two is visible below the dining hall. Sadly, “See Rock City” is no longer visible.

Parnell Bay, Aerial, 2013

Parnell Bay from the air. Clearly visible are Explorer Island, the Explorer Island Bridge, Parnell and Light waterfronts, Showerhouse 2, and Parnell Dining Hall.



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