From the Archives, February 23, 2014

More Random Reservation Photos, Still from the Air!

This is the final week of our “Aerial Boxwell” series. Over the last two months, we’ve visited all the camps and a few random locations here and there.  This week we finish up with three final images of random parts of the reservation–random in that they follow no specific pattern!

The first photo takes a rare look at the Ferhmann Training Center.  Known to “old timers” as either Ittabeena or Akers Cabin, Fehrmann Training Center is the home of the Scoutmaster Steak Supper and various training activies.  It will also be the location of the dinner and campfire programs for the 2014 Reunion!

The second photo is “Horseshoe.” Perhaps more appropriately named “Horseshoe Bay,” this far corner of Camp Stahlman is an old quarry that filled when Old Hickory Lake was built in the 1950s.  From the early 1960s until about 1976, this was also the area where the Reservation Pump House pumped water from the lake, purified it, and sent it out to the Reservation as drinking water.

The third photo is a nice view of Camp Light, or more appropriately, the High Adventure Area.  Located in this area, and seen in this photo, are the shotgun range, COPE, the pool, and the High Adventure Center.  If you haven’t been to Boxwell in a while, this has been a high growth area!

Next week we’ll return to some more traditional “From the Archives” material, picking out some photos that are legitimately old!

Akers Cabin, 2013

Previously known as Akers Cabin or Ittabeena, the Ferhmann Training Center was “refitted” as part of the 1994 Capital Development Campaign.

Horseshoe, 2013

Home of the long abandoned Pump House, here is Horseshoe from above.

Light, 2013

Once a wilderness camp, Camp Light is now the home of the Josh Sain High Adventure Area. Included in this area are the pool, the shotgun range, the High Adventure Center, and the perennially popular COPE.



From the Archives, February 16, 2014

Random Reservation Photos, But from the Air!

We’re working on wrapping up our “Aerial Boxwell” series over the next two weeks.  We’ve travelled along the coast to see CubWorld, Stahlman, Parnell and Craig.  Now we’ll take some time to check out some random shots from around the reservation.

The first photo takes a closer look at the Don Stafford Chapel.  In the 1960s, the trees were so low, you could easily see the lake.  Today, you can see the Chapel completely encircled by a mature forest.

The second photo is the almost obligatory Cripple Crab photo.  You can’t have photos of the reservation without some photo of the Cripple Crab!  You can also see the Water tower quite clearly here.

The third photo is a nice view of the third section of Explorer Island.  This part of the Island sits directly opposite Camp Stahlam and has been used in years past (still used today?) for the Burning Eagle closing to their campfire.

Next week we conclude our series with a few final random reservation photos…

Chapel Aerial

Here is Don Stafford Chapel from the air. Those who worked in the 1960s might be surprised by how much the trees have grown!

Cripple Crab, aerial

Here is the obligatory Cripple Crab photo. The one tree standing next to the Crab is the remnants of a three tree memorial to 1990s OA Rep Josh Sain.

Explorer Island, aerial

The “tip” of Explorer Island which sits directly opposite Camp Stahlman. In the “old” days, cattle were kept out on the island!



From the Archives, February 9, 2014

Camp Craig From the Air!

Our “Aerial Boxwell” series continues into part five this week with a look at Camp Craig.  We continue our lesiurely flight along the “coast” of the reservation, looking at the different camps from an aerial perspective.

The first photo gives a whole camp look at Craig. In the bottom right is Craig Dining Hall and what was the original Craig Waterfront, but what is now home to Site 17.  To the left is Duck Head and you can just barely make out the “new” waterfront on the backside.  In between is Don Stafford chapel.  In the background you can see the High Adventure Area where COPE, the shotgun range, and the pool are located.

The second photo gives a better view of the Craig Dining Hall. From here you can clearly see the dining hall’s unique design as well as the area that was the Craig Waterfront.

The third photo is a view of Duck Head from the “top” of the head.  This gives us a clear view of the Craig Waterfront. As with other areas of Boxwell, the docks now stay up year round.  This photo provides a nice perspective on the size of the Craig Waterfront Bay, which is off the channel–a definite improvement from the original waterfront!

To wrap up February, we’ll take a look at some random shots from around the reservation, including the Crab and the Chapel from above!

Craig Aerial 1

Here is an aerial view of all of Camp Craig. Note the dining hall, the Chapel, and Duck Head.

Craig Aerial 2

Camp Craig Dining Hall from above.

Craig Aerial 3

A good view of the Craig Waterfront. This waterfront was built as part of the 1994 Capital Development Campaign.



Website Updates

Several updates made to the site tonight.  Please take note.

1) The Home Page was updated to reflect the ongoing search for former Boxwell Staff members for the 2014 reunion.  A link to the registration page was added as well as a note to the opening message about the reunion.

2) The Craig Staff page was updated with the Craig Staff 2001 photo.  The photo was provided by Cole Cunningham.

3) The Camp Staff Leadership for 2014 Summer Camp was added.  New information for Stahlman, Craig, and the Reservation.  Thanks to Crystal Mayfield at the Council Office for providing this information.

2014 Boxwell Staff Reunion

If you are Boxwell Staff Member, this is the address you need to visit to update your address for the 2014 Boxwell Staff Reunion.

The 2014 Boxwell Staff Reunion has been set for July 5, 2014. We are still in the process of trying to track down addresses.  We will cut off all address hunting on March 7, 2014.  Thus, if you haven’t submitted your address you need to do so.  Tell your friends as well. Remember, every field must have some data in it in order for this to work.

Why submit?  Why get your friends to submit?

For the 2014 Reunion, we are planning on giving a free t-shirt and a free patch.  More importantly, we are planning on offering a FREE STEAK DINNER!!!

However, if we don’t have addresses, we can’t send invitations.  If we can’t send invitations, then we can’t get people to come to the event and enjoy… a FREE STEAK DINNER!!!

So please, spread the word.  We have 5 weeks until this process is complete and over!

Grady Eades
2014 Boxwell Staff Reunion Committee Chairman

55th Anniversary Logo

This is the logo for the 2014 Boxwell Staff Reunion. The Staff Reunion will celebrate 55 Years of Boxwell at Old Hickory Lake.