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Camp Craig From the Air!

Our “Aerial Boxwell” series continues into part five this week with a look at Camp Craig.  We continue our lesiurely flight along the “coast” of the reservation, looking at the different camps from an aerial perspective.

The first photo gives a whole camp look at Craig. In the bottom right is Craig Dining Hall and what was the original Craig Waterfront, but what is now home to Site 17.  To the left is Duck Head and you can just barely make out the “new” waterfront on the backside.  In between is Don Stafford chapel.  In the background you can see the High Adventure Area where COPE, the shotgun range, and the pool are located.

The second photo gives a better view of the Craig Dining Hall. From here you can clearly see the dining hall’s unique design as well as the area that was the Craig Waterfront.

The third photo is a view of Duck Head from the “top” of the head.  This gives us a clear view of the Craig Waterfront. As with other areas of Boxwell, the docks now stay up year round.  This photo provides a nice perspective on the size of the Craig Waterfront Bay, which is off the channel–a definite improvement from the original waterfront!

To wrap up February, we’ll take a look at some random shots from around the reservation, including the Crab and the Chapel from above!

Craig Aerial 1

Here is an aerial view of all of Camp Craig. Note the dining hall, the Chapel, and Duck Head.

Craig Aerial 2

Camp Craig Dining Hall from above.

Craig Aerial 3

A good view of the Craig Waterfront. This waterfront was built as part of the 1994 Capital Development Campaign.



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