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Hidden Places on the Reservation

Anyone who has worked at Boxwell for any extended period of time gets to know the reservation like the back of his hand.  As a result, one quickly finds that there are a variety of “hidden places”–locations on the reservation that are not known to most Scouts or Scouters.  Some of these places are in fact hidden, while others are out in the open and just off the beaten track.

Among these many places are barns.  Before it was a Scout Reservation, Boxwell was a farm.  Well, more than one farm actually.  Thus, at one point, there were several barns either on the reservation or directly adjacent to it.  These barns were used over the years as depositories for… well, junk.  One such barn was just off the main camp off of Woods Ferry.  A variety of kitchen equipment was put here to be used by former Assistant Rangers like Farmer Bush.

The barn pictured here is actually a barn that used to exist at Camp Stahlman.  Located in the field between Site 1 and the lakefront, this barn became a dump for broken cots and old staff furniture.  It burned down in the mid-2000s, but is pictured here in its fading glory in May 2003.

Stahlman Barn

Stahlman’s depository for broken cots and staff furniture.

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