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Camp Craig, 40th Anniversary, Part I

You may not have realized it, but 2014 is Camp Craig’s 40th Anniversary.  The camp was opened for one week of campers from June 23-29, 1974.  Steve Eubank was the Program Director for this one week of camp.

In commemoration of Camp Craig’s 40th Anniversary, will be exploring the dedication of Camp Craig.  While there was a week of campers present at Craig in June 1974, Craig received official dedication ceremonies in August 1974.  This event included Scout displays as well as official administrative recognition.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing photos of this event.  This may even necessitate multiple photos with each posting!

For this week, we begin with a very simple Camp Craig icon. Located in Craig Dining Hall’s first floor (affectionately known as “the Basement”), the buoy shown here was made to commemorate Craig’s first week of Scouts.  While the official dedication would not be until August, this dedication buoy is a marker of Craig’s first (and only) week of campers in 1974.  Thus began the brief period (1974-1976), when ALL THREE Scout resident camps (Stahlman, Parnell, and Craig) at Boxwell were open at the same time!

Craig Bouy, 1974

Camp Craig was open for one week of campers in June 1974. The Dedication Buoy lists the troops that attended Craig’s first (and only) week in 1974.

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