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Camp Craig, 40th Anniversary, Part II

While Craig ran a week of campers at the end of July 1974, the official dedication of the new camp did not come until August 1974.  This was a big even, including troops putting up different Scout Skills displays and an official ceremony at the dining hall. Presented here are two photos from the display portion of the event.  The displays lined Craig Road, which, as you will note, was not yet paved, but still gravel.

The first display is Troop 339 out of Smyrna, TN.  The display is a knot-tying demonstration by the Scouts.  The location appears to be at the spur off of Craig Road leading up to the Chapel.

The second display here is an unknown troop, demonstrating either fire making or cooking skills.  The locations appears to be Site 1 on the Upper Loop. Notice the “Trash” barrel.  Until the late 1980s, these metal 50 gallon drums were the trash barrels at Boxwell–and they did not use trash bags!

Knot Displays

One of several Scout Skills display at Craig’s Dedication, August 1974.

Fire Display

Another Camp Craig Dedication dedication. This one appears to be on fire or cooking.

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