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Camp Craig, 40th Anniversary, Part III

After viewing the multiple Scout displays around Camp Craig, the activities for Craig’s Dedication moved to the Dining Hall.  There were multiple “big wigs” at this event: Ward Akers, Ed Human, Ken Connelly, Tom Willhite, Jimmy Stevens, and many others.  The dedication ceremonies included awards given to different contributors, such as HCA (Health Corporation of America), as well as a meal for attendees.

In the two photos here, we see some of Middle Tennessee Council’s movers and shakers.  The first photo shows us three of Middle Tennessee Council’s significant figures, though one less so than the others.  With his back to the camera on the left is Ed Human, the Reservation Director at the time. The two facing the camera are Ken Connelly (L) and Tom Willhite (R).  Within two years of this even, Tom Willhite would become Reservation Director, a post he would hold for 19 years, from 1976-1995.

The second photo shows us Ken Connelly (L) and Ed Human (R) leaving the kitchen.  At the time, Ed Human was the Director of Camping and Activities (today’s Director of Support Services).  Ken Connelly would go on to be Middle Tennessee Council’s Scout Executive in 1993 and 1994.

Ken & Tom

Craig Dedication at Craig Dining Hall. From Left to right, Ed Human, Ken Connelly, and Tom Willhite.

Ken & Ed

Craig Dedication at Craig Dining Hall. Ken Connelly and Ed Human. Human is carrying a plaque for HCA.

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