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Ittabenna…Akers Cabin… Fehrmann Training Center… So Many Names!

The 2014 Staff Reunion brought forth literally a deluge of photos!  Our scanner, Michael Seay, couldn’t even get all the photos scanned! He worked through the Reunion dinner and then took MANY photos home to make sure it all got done.  The results are amazing! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing some of the results of the 2014 Reunion Archiving Project!

Our showcase starts off with a photo from James Akers, son of the indominable Ward Akers.  James Akers’ photos are of the construction of Akers Cabin. For those of you who worked in the 1960s and 1970s, you probably referred to the cabin as Ittabeena, as in “It would have been…”  Those who worked in the 1980s and 1990s referred to this location as Akers’ Cabin.  More recent generations have referred to the cabin and its renovations as the Fehrmann Training Center.

Regardless of the name, the photo here shows the original renovation of cabin in 1967.  Many of you may remember that during the summer, not only did Akers stay in the renovated cabin as a summer home, but E. B. Stahlman and other big camp names summered here in nearby trailers!  This photo shows Head Ranger Bobby Smith and an unknown other surveying renovation on this permanent fixture of Boxwell’s landscape!

Ittabeena Development

The FIRST renovation of Akers’ cabin. Known as Akers’ Cabin, Ittabeena, and the Fehrmann Training Center, this cabin has long been a critical location for Boxwell’s Summer Camp Program

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