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Boxwell Greats: Wilbur Creighton

Wilbur F. Creighton, Sr. was Council President from 1951-1953.

In 1954, after his run as President, Creighton, along with then Council President Colonel Gilbert Dorland, Council Executive Ward Akers, and co-founder of the _Nashville Banner_ E. B. Stahlman, carried the idea of a “new” Boxwell to Congressman J. Carlton Loser. As a new TVA project—Old Hickory Dam—was being considered, Creighton and others petitioned Loser to get the federal government to permanently lease an area of land to the Middle Tennessee Council. With support from Congressmen Joe Evins and Clifford Davis as well as Senator Albert Gore, Sr., Creighton, et al., were able to secure a bill granting 500 acres off of Highway 109.

While never a staff member himself, Creighton’s impact on Boxwell is undeniable.  In fact, Creighton is also known to have said the Reservation’s office, during its construction, reminded him of a sexually excited turtle, thus leading to the name “Cripple Crab.” His son, Wilbur F. Creigthon, Jr. wrote the first and only history of Middle Tennessee Council, Boys Will Be Men in 1983. Today, “Creighton Lane” pays homage to father and son. Wilbur Creighton III has served on the Council’s Camping Committee for many years.

Shown here is Creighton, Sr.’s official portrait at the Council Office.  Text is adapted from Creighton, Jr.’s _Boys Will Be Men_, the only history of Middle Tennessee Council.

Creighton portrait

Official portrait of former Council President, Wilbur F. Creighton. Creighton is the first in a legacy of Scouters dedicated to Middle Tennessee Council.

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