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Boxwell Greats: Steve Eubank

There are only a handful of people who have worked at Boxwell enough to span virtually the entire history of Boxwell at Old Hickory Lake.  Steve Eubank is such a person!

Steve began as staff member in 1970, just missing the first decade of the reservation.  He served as a Commissioner at Camp Parnell. Of course, it is important to note that “Commissioner” in the early 1970s meant something a bit different then, but that’s another story!  Steve stayed on at Parnell to eventually become Program Director in 1973, a position he maintained until 1976. Craig opened in this period for one week and Steve was Program Director there too–a unique distinction!

The next twenty-five years saw Steve connected to Boxwell in a rather unique position.  He was part of the group of former staff members who helped plan the first Staff Reunion in 1983, and then the second in 1989, and the third in 1999. Additionally, Steve was very involved in Woodbadge, serving at Woodbadge Scoutmaster more than once during this quarter century.  So, while not officially on camp staff, Steve still made valuable historical contributions!

In 2004, Steve returned to Camp Stahlman as a modern day Camp Commissioner.  In 2009, a fascinating change took place–District Executives no longer came to camp to serve as Camp Directors.  At each camp, staff took up that position, and Steve became Stahlman’s Camp Director.  Thus, Steve Eubank is the ONLY staff member in Reservation history to serve in all three of top camp positions–Program Director, Camp Director, and Camp Commissioner.

Eubank, 2008

Steve Eubank has many unique aspects to his Boxwell service. He is the only staff member to serve as program director at two camps simultaneously as well as the only staff member to serve in all three key positions. Not only that, but his wife Judi was Kitchen Director at Parnell with him in the 1970s!

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