From the Archives, January 4, 2015

Stahlman Color Guard, 2000

It seemed appropriate for the first “From the Archives” post for the year to be a photo of a staff color guard.  So, in the interests of keeping it simple, here is a Stahlman Color Guard from the 2000 staff.

Sadly, we don’t have names for the two staff members on the right or left, but in the center is Cory Younts.  Cory started on Stahlman Staff in 1997 in the Green Bar Program.  By 2000, when this photo was taken, Cory was director of the Green Bar/First Year Camper Program.

As a sidenote, Cory Younts is also a member of the Americana band, Old Crow Medicine Show (OCMS).  OCMS was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2013 and winning a Grammy award in 2014.  See? Former staff members do go on to do great things!

Color Guard, 2000

Camp Stahlman Color Guard, 2000. Cory Younts is in the center.

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