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Staff Vespers Painting

There are some really interesting gems in our Boxwell Archives.  We have photos, songs, interviews… and a few rarities, including photos of wood carvings, plaques, and paintings.

The painting here was done by Daniel Edwards of Craig staff.  While staff circling a campfire is not uncommon, the event this was based on was unusual in a few ways.  As Danny explains, “I think there had been some really serious weather come through that week and the mud and debris had kept us from using our usual “Friday night” campfire area. I believe this campfire ceremony was held in the dining hall, as not to discourage family and campers from attending and leaving [it] caked in mud. However, it was also given to us this week an American flag that needed to be retired. This fire itself was located right below the Craig dining hall, very close to the lake’s edge (smaller fire) [The former Craig Waterfront area]. I think the weather had abated for long enough for some staff members to assemble a quick fire that we might respectfully retire this flag. After the campfire ceremony was finished in dining hall that night, the Staff assembled below for this fire.”

The painting here is the second version of this event.  The first was given to MacKenna Brown–also a Craig staff member–as a birthday present.  A second attempt was made; this is the result.  The painting, done as a high school art project, was entered in the 2005 Scholastic Art Competition at Cheekwood, where it won second place.  This resulted in a scholarship for Mr. Edwards to the Watkins College of Art.

Yet another staff member going on to do good things!

Vespers, 2004

This painting is entitled “Vespers” by Daniel Edwards. It was completed in 2004, won 2nd place in the 2005 Cheekwood Scholastic Art Competition, and was shown at the 2014 reunion.

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