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Baseball at Parnell

From the 1960s through to the early 1990s, there were two great past-times as Boxwell: Volleyball and Baseball.  The volleyball courts are still there, but the baseball fields are all but forgotten.

Shown here is a game at Camp Parnell in 1970.  The game is in Parnell’s Athletic Field, which was located in the grassy area by Sites 16 and 17.  Parnell’s original flagpole was located here as well.  For many years, staff and Scoutmasters would challenge each other to a game after lunch; obviously, the staff went into each summer undefeated!

Part of what makes this particular photo interesting is not just the game, but the background.  You can clearly see Old Hickory Lake here, while today the shoreline is overgrown.

Parnell Baseball

A baseball game in the Parnell Athletic Field.

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