From the Archives, February 22, 2015

Renovating the OA Lodge

We’ll be finishing up with our detailed look through the Steve Belew collection next week.  But for now, it seems worthwhile to give a detailed look to the OA Lodge.

The Lodge has been in need of major renovations for years and it’s look has remained mostly unchanged.  However, starting in 2009, work began on updating and repairing the Lodge.  As you can see from the images, the first stage of repairs involving fixing the roof and tearing out the old porch.  A new porch and a new sidewalk was added.

The second stage involved tearing out the windowed facade over the porch and replacing it.  This work took place in the spring of 2012.  Additionally, a new stone marker was added out front denoting the Lodge more clearly as the Howard Olson OA Lodge.

Lodge, Pre-Renovate

Here is the well-known image of the Lodge in the days before the renovations. The Lodge had remained mostly unchanged since its original construction

Lodge roof repair

The first stage of the OA Lodge renovations involved removing the old shingles and replacing them with new material.

Lodge sidewalk

Here is a good view of the Lodge as it was. With the old wooden porch removed, you can clearly see the old windowed facade of the Lodge. Workers–it looks like volunteers–prep the area for a new sidewalk.

Lodge, removed facade

A truly unique photo showing the OA Lodge with the completed new porch, but with the glass facade completely removed. Note that new exterior lights were added as well.

Lodge, Glass Facade

Here you can clearly see the newly renovated glass facade of the Lodge. It doesn’t leak anymore!

From the Archives: February 15, 2015

Boxwell in the Snow

As Middle Tennessee prepares to face some snow this week, it seemed appropriate to dive back into the Steve Belew Collection for some snow photos!

These are pretty self-explanatory.  All photos were taken over the weekend of January 30th and 31st, 2010.

Craig snow

Camp Craig Dining Hall in the Snow, January 20, 2010.

OA Lodge in Snow

The OA Lodge in the snow, January 30, 2010.

Crab in Snow

The Cripple Crab in the snow, January 30, 2010.

Stahlman in the Snow

Stahlman Dining Hall in the Snow, January 31, 2010.

From the Archives, February 8, 2015

The Evolution of a Bridge

As we continue through Steve Belew’s collection of Boxwell photos, we have a rather unique opportunity.  Because Steve was the Head Ranger, he oversaw a variety of improvement projects around the reservation.  This gives us the Chance to see how some of these projects developed over time.  So, this week, we present several photos of the Explorer Island Bridge.

A bridge connecting the main reservation to Explorer Island has existed for a long time.  You can catch up with some of this history at the Boxwell Primer’s “Places & Things” Section ( Needless to say, by the late 1990s, the “original” cross-tie bridge was no more and had been replaced by something a bit more stable.

This second version of the bridge was finally replaced in 2009.  Over the month of November, the wood flooring was removed and the steel girders updated.  A metal “floor” was laid down and a new concrete top was laid.  Finally, “railings” and a new sign were added as well.  This was the new–and current–Johnny Garrott Bridge.  The photos here show the last stage of this evolution.

Bridge Renovations

Starting in November 2009, the bridge was “renovated.” Here the wood “floor” is removed.

Bridge Renovations 2

Stripped of its wooden road, the bridge was prepped for a new concrete covering. The Steel beams were put in place in the mid-1990s.

Bridge Renovations 3

After being stripped down, the bridge was prepped for a new concrete covering. From 1960 until 2009, the bridge had always been wooden.

Bridge Renovations 4

The newly and fully restored bridge now had a concrete top, making it far more durable than any of its predecessors.

Bridge renovations 5

Fully completed, the new bridge included railing for the first time.

From the Archives, February 1, 2015

The 2010 Flood

Head Ranger Steve Belew left Boxwell this week for a new position at the Girls Scouts of America Camp Wesumkee in the Tropical Florida Council.  Assistant Ranger Rob Ward has moved in the Head Ranger position at Boxwell.  A new assistant ranger should be announced soon.  Before Steve left, we were able to attain a large variety of photos of his from his time at Boxwell.  As you can imagine, a ranger gets to see things that a lot of us only wonder about!  In addition to an incredible host of Boxwell in the snow photos, there are some real jewels in the new Steve Belew Collection!  We’ll be showcasing some of these over the next few weeks.

This week’s photo is something really unique.  Many of you probably remember the 2010 flood–the 500 year flood or the 1000 year flood, depending on who you believe!  Obviously, being on the lake, Boxwell took quite a hit during this rain.  To showcase the amount of rain we’re talking about, we offer this photo.

Pictured here is the Camp Craig Sunday Night Campfire area–a well known depression–filled to the brim with water.  As you can see from the photo, there was so much water, even the cross ties were floating! The brightly colored spheres are rain drops on the window of Steve’s vehicle as he took the photo.  Truly a remarkable scene!

2010 Flood

The Camp Craig Sunday Night Campfire area, flooded in the May 2010 rains. Photo by Steve Belew.