Website Updates

As always, we endeavor to make known the changes to the website.

First, we discovered recently that O. E. Brandon has died.  While we haven’t been able to track down an official obituary, we know that Mr. Brandon has left us.  O. E. Brandon worked at the Narrows Boxwell and the Rock Island Boxwell.

Second, we have made updates to our Rock Island history as reported last week:

Finally, as we try to do about every three months, we have updated our banner image.  The original is below.  Photo by Cameron Grady.

Craig Friday Night

This is an image of the Friday Night Campfire from Duck Head. In the late 1990s, the Friday Night Campfire at Craig moved from a small space between sites 10 and 13 to a new location toward Duck Head. It is now located south of the Don Stafford Chapel next to the “new” Activity Yard. on Duck Head.

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