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A Kitchen Inspection, 1970

Everyone who has worked on staff is familiar with National Inspections.  These happen every year, usually near the start of camp.  While sometimes these seem to be nothing more than a drive about the reservation, sometimes they are a great deal more hands on.  Pictured here is a National Inspection team at the Stahlman Kitchen in 1970. What makes this photo special though is not that it captures a National Inspection, which is a fairly routine occurrence.  The photo is special because of who is in the photo!

To the far left in the dark Explorer shirt is none other than Jerry Barnett.  Barnett had served on Stahlman staff in the Activity Yard in his first run at Boxwell before going to Vietnam.  After his service, he returned as Kitchen Director at Stahlman and was then part of the now-defunct Commissioners Program in 1971.  Barnett of course would go on to become Program Director at Craig and Parnell in the 1980s for his third run at Boxwell.

The other important figure here is in the center, also in a dark Explorer shirt and holding a pipe (a pipe in the kitchen! My how things have changed!).  This is none other than Reservation Director Ed Human.  1970 was Human’s first summer as Reservation Director, but he would stay on for the next five years, only leaving after camp in 1975 when Ward Akers was forced to retire.

There are also two female cooks here.  While it is impossible to know for sure because we can’t see the faces clearly, it is VERY likely that one of these two women is Pearl Schleicher, the reservation’s cook from 1962 until 1994.

Needless to say, there is an incredible amount of history in this one fairly routine moment!

Kitchen Inspection, 1970

A photo of greats: Jerry Barnett (far Left) and Ed Human (center) are definitely present for this inspection. The two women in the middle are cooks, likely Pearl Schleicher and her sister Estelle, otherwise known as “Mrs. Bea.”

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