From the Archives, May 31, 2015

The Murrey Family, 1975

For all the ways that Camp Murrey was different than the rest of the Reservation, it was similar in the most important way.  Without getting too sentimental, it is clear that Murrey built those bonds of surrogate family that most staff members are well aware of.

This photo from Lisa & Cindy Human–daughters of Reservation Director Ed Human–demonstrate this quality well.  Here the irrepressible Floyd “Q-ball” Pearce poses with “the Murrey kids.”  There’s a familiarity and happiness here that not only represents what was Camp Murrey, but life at Boxwell for most of us.

As several program directors have said over the years to staff as the group parts at the end of the summer, “We are a family.”  For Murrey, that was true both metaphorically and literally!

Murrey Kids

Row1: Jan Russell, Julie Bannister, Adam Larkin, Dana Larkin, Leann Human
Row2: Amy Russell, Elaine Hobbs, Cindy Human, Abby Wallace, Floyd “Q-ball” Pearce, Karen Kimbro, Lisa Human. 1975

From the Archives, May 24, 2015

Murrey Waterfront, 1960s

The crafts and map-work that we saw last week was only part of what happened at Murrey.  Another important aspect of the camp was, not surprisingly, the waterfront!  The location was the same as the modern day “Pirate’s Cove,” but it looked a bit different.

Given that a large portion of the residents of the camp, particularly in the 1960s, were children, it makes sense that swimming skills would be part of the program.  As shown in the first image, some of adult women at Murrey took on this role.  Indeed, wives or daughters of camp staff were often involved here.  Elizabeth Jackson, wife of Parnell Program Director Jimmy Joe Jackson, and Christy Willhite, daughter of Reservation Director Tom Willhite, were just two of the women who ran Murrey.

The second photo shows the other purpose of Murrey’s waterfront–leisure.  The waterfront was a great place to swim, to get some sun, or to just hang out.  After “work hours” and on the weekends, the staff members who lived at Murrey would come visit the waterfront as well!

Murrey waterfront2

Two unknown women–at least one assumed to be Murrey staff–teaching swimming to one of the summer’s residents.

Murrey Waterfront1

Just a lazy afternoon, hanging out on the Camp Murrey Waterfront.

Naming the Unknowns, May 20, 2015

Here’s the setup: Parnell staff.  Given the hats and the uniforms, these were likely from 1979-1981.  We’re not sure exactly what year, but if some of the people can be identified, that would help!


Unknown Parnell Staff member. Photo taken sometime between 1979 and 1981.

Parnell 4

Unknown Parnell Staff members. Photo taken sometime between 1979 and 1981.

Parnell 4

Unknown Parnell Staff members. Photo taken sometime between 1979 and 1981.