From the Archives, May 3, 2015

Camp Murrey, Aerial, 1978

This year marks an odd anniversary.  2015 is the 20th anniversary of the end of Camp Murrey.  Thus, May will be Murrey Month in honor of the “Camp That Was.”

Murrey was one of the original camps at Boxwell, along with Stahlman and Parnell, when the Old Hickory Reservation opened in 1960.  Murrey was different from the two Scout Resident camps though in that it was a family camp.  In a day and age when women generally didn’t work, coming to camp for a week was often a family vacation.  Thus, Scoutmasters and their families would often come to Boxwell and the wives and younger children would stay at Murrey with the husband joining them in the evening.  Adult staff, including program directors and their wives, stayed here as well.

Already on a long downward slide at the time of this photo, you can see a camp not in full use at this point.  Near the top are empty platforms.  You’ll also notice a smaller dining hall than what currently exists.  The showerhouse was the original Murrey Showerhouse, which was the only building on the reservation with washers and dryers at the time.  You can just barely make out the cabins to the right, which have just recently been built.  The tents you do see are four men tents, adequate for a family to stay in over the summer.

With the basic layout settled, we’ll be looking at life at Murrey over the next few weeks.

Murrey, aerial, 1978

Here is Camp Murrey, just after its heyday, in 1978.

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