From the Archives, June 28, 2015

A Complete Summer: Parnell 1993

Instead of just a single photo, this week we’re going to give you a WHOLE BUNCH of photos.  A gallery of over 100 photos in fact!

In 1993, Parnell Waterfront staff member Eric Cole took it upon himself to attempt to document an entire summer.  He wanted to capture what a summer on staff was like from beginning to end.  No staff member could hope to capture everything that happens, but Cole did a good job.

Thanks to the 2014 Archiving Project, Cole shared his photos.  With the addition of a handful we already had in the archives, we are able to now present a brand new Special Exhibit: Camp Parnell in 1993.

Parnell has been closed now since the end of camp in 1998, so this is a great opportunity to look back almost 20 years at a camp that has basically been abandoned.  Special thanks to Eric Cole for his photos!

1993 Waterfront

From Left to Right: Keith Pancake, Henry Davis, Eric Cole, Joey Boyd (Director), Todd Metcalf, and Doug Griggs

Naming the Unknowns, June 24, 2015

Pat Deugaw Day, 2009

This week’s photo is from the collection of Aaron Patten.  The photo is from July 6, 2009, also known as “Pat Deugaw Day,” honoring the EXTREMELY long service of “The Old Soldier.”

We know several of the people here, but there are still a few mysteries.  From Left to Right:

1. Tim Ratliff
2. Unknown woman
3. Ross White
4. Unknown REALLY tall man
5. Unknown man (Shotgun instructor?)
6. Ron Turpin
7. Margaret Deugaw
8. Tom Willhite
9. Pat Deugaw
10. Unknown goateed man
11. Steve Eubank
12. Carl Adkins
13. Jerry Barnett
14. Unknown Man with glasses
15. John Neal (hidden)
16. Grady Eades

Who are 2, 4, 5, 10, and 14?

Deugaw Day

Pat Deugaw Day, 2009

From the Archives, June 21, 2015

Order of the Arrow Centennial

For those of you who didn’t know, 2015 is the centennial of the Order of the Arrow.  It goes without saying that the OA has been an integral part of Boxwell’s history since it’s beginning. In addition to various service projects and using Ordeal weekends to help get camp set up, the OA has been responsible for Winter Camp that started in 2003.

This week, the celebration comes to Boxwell specifically.  The OA has a “road show” called ArrowTour that is traveling to summer camps around the nation, showcasing the history of the OA. On Monday, ArrowTour will be at Boxwell.  You can read more about the tour here: and here:

To mark the celebration, we give you the oldest photo we have of the OA Lodge.  We’re not entirely sure of the date, but our best guess is shortly after its original construction in 1967.  Happy Centennial Order of the Arrow!

OA Lodge, 1960s

The earliest photo we have of the OA Lodge in our archives. We believe this was taken shortly after the Lodge’s construction in 1967.

Naming the Unknowns, June 17, 2015

Chase Standifer has been very helpful in naming many of the people in his photos.  However, there are still a few mysteries!

These three photos are from Stahlman, 2004.  All are during the singing of Zoomba at a meal.  However, there is no indication of who they are.  Care to fill in the blanks?

Zoomba 1

Unknown Zoomba singer 1. Photo by Chase Standifer, 2004.

Unknown Zoomba singer 3. Photo by Chase Standider, 2004.

Unknown Zoomba singer 3. Photo by Chase Standifer, 2004.

Zoomba 2

Unknown Zoomba singer 2. Photo by Chase Standifer, 2004.