The Staff Hat Project

Greetings All,

For at least 40 years, the staff hat has been an emblem at Boxwell, separating the staff from the Scouts.  We would like to recognize this history with a Special Exhibition page on

To do that, we need your help!

What we would like you to do is really quite simple: Take a photo of each of your staff hats and send it to us.  We don’t care what condition the hat is in.  It can be beat-up, formless, and dirty. A floppy hat is a well worn hat!

For the next month (until Labor Day), you can send the photos to us as an e-mail attachment, upload through Facebook, or use the address provided below to upload the photos to our Dropbox account.

Of course, there are a couple of ground rules we need you follow to make sure we get good photos.

1) The primary objective is to see the patch or embroidery on the hat.  Make sure the front of the hat is clear in your photo.  If the hat has some other symbol on it, we want to see that too, though it this will require another photo.  For instance, starting in 1997, many hats had “Staff” printed on the back.  The 2014 hat had “T.W.” on the site for “Tom Willhite.”

2) Give the hat some form (assuming it has none).  You can wear it or put a bowl or ball under it to give it some shape.  You are welcome to try a “selfie,” but remember, what we want is the hat and the front of the hat, not your smirking mug!  If you want to wear the hat, please have someone else take the photo.

3) “Clean” background.  A photo of an object is better when the background is a solid, neutral color.  Try to keep your background from being too “busy.”

4) Year, name, and nickname.  Obviously, we need to know what year the hat is from and your name so we can give proper credit if your photo is used on the page. Also, if the hat had a “nickname,” tell us that too.  (For instance, the 1986 hat was often called “the Amoco hat”).

5) No multiples.  In other words, don’t include multiple hats in the photo.  One hat per photo (make editing and cataloging MUCH easier).

See the below for examples.


We appreciate your help!  So, get up in your attic, dig out those hats and send us some photos of your most loved Boxwell treasure–your staff hat!

Grady Eades webmaster

1993 Staff hat1

The 1993 Staff Hat. Side angle.

1993 Staff hat 2

The 1993 Staff hat, front angle. Clear view of patch.

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