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The Field Trials

Even for those who have worked at camp for years, there are still hidden places at Boxwell. One of these hidden treasures are the Field Trial Ponds.

When you enter the Reservation, immediately to the right in the fields before you come to the road to Akers Cabin/Fehrmann Training Center, you will find the Field Trial ponds.

These were┬ánot natural ponds, but were built in the early years of the Reservation, as you can tell from the raised embankment in the photo. The area was stocked with fowl and for many years in the 1960s, Ward Akers and other “big wigs” would bring out their dogs to train them in flushing out fowl.

Hence the name, “Field Trials.”

Field Trials

One of the abandoned field trial ponds found in the fields upon entering the reservation.

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