From the Archives, March 13, 2016

Camp Stahlman Office, 1967

One of the categories of items we haven’t showcased very much is our (small) collection of camp related videos.  Over the years, the Council has produced numerous promotional videos.  In recent years, these have been part of the Leaders’ Guide CD.  However, in years past, these films were taken to troops around the Council and used to promote summer camp on a personal level.  Over the next weeks, we’ll show some screen captures from these films and videos.

This week’s image comes from the 1967 promotional film, the oldest we know of that was produced specifically by the Council for camp promotion.  The film presents a variety of scenes around Boxwell and basically sets up how a week of camp would work for a troop.  Needless to say, the Boxwell presented here looks quite a bit different from the way camp looks now.

An excellent example of this difference comes early in the film, when the troop checked in.  The image here is of the Camp Stahlman office in 1967.  As you can see, the office was a regular two man tent with a separate platform and tarp on the front of it.  (Keep in mind that the adult leadership at this time stayed at Camp Murrey, so this really was just the camp office). There is also a mailbox attached to the platform arm.  The permanent offices will be built as part of the 1972 Capital Development Campaign.

1967 Stahlman office

Seen here is Camp Stahlman Office as it was in 1967.

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