From the Archives, March 20, 2016

he Old Rappelling Tower, 1987

Our review of old promotional films continues this week with a look at the 1987 promotional video.  Titled “Boxwell Adventure ’87,” the film was created with help from Nashville Tech (now Nashville State Community College) and HCA, and produced by Leprechaun Productions in 1986.

The capture this week is of the old COPE tower.  As has been discussed before, the current COPE tower (still the tallest structure in Wilson County!) is relatively “new,” built in 1994.  However, COPE had existed at Boxwell for 10 years prior to the “new” tower.  For much of that time, the tower picture here–substantially smaller than the current tower–was used for rappelling.

This tower was built of four telephone poles with a plank facing on one side.  The tower was cut down shortly after the new tower was completed, but could be found in the grassy area just above the Woodbadge/Pool parking lot.  It was directly across from the grove of trees that now supports the Frisbee Golf Course.  If you look, you can probably still find the telephone pole stumps!

Old Tower, 1987

The reservation’s original rappelling tower, located down Craig Road, between the Woodbadge parking lot and the road to the (now non-existent) dump at the compound.

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  1. I thought it was sad when that went down. It was a fixture my entire camping career – never understood the reason to remove it. It just a grass spot now – unless things have changed. But I do recall when the new one was built, and it was noted you could see the top from far away in certain directions.

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