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The Development Plan for Boxwell Reservation

Have you ever wondered what the original development plan for Boxwell Reservation was?  We all know that Boxwell today is not QUITE how the reservation was originally planned, but what was going to be different?

The map attached is the original working plan for Boxwell.  As you can tell, the map is early enough in the process where only the land secured through the Corps of Engineers is identified.  The land in between would be purchased through Ward Akers’ efforts before Boxwell opened for camping in 1959.

There are a variety of differences in the early Boxwell. For instance, #18 notes where the original Camp Chapel was going to go… nowhere near Don Stafford Chapel today.  Note also how what will become Stahlman sprawls along the waterline.

Also of interest is that you can see quite clearly that would be a third Scout resident camp–what today we know of as Camp Craig–was planned from the very beginning.  Its location was a bit different, but Akers was thinking about it from the very beginning.

Take a good look at the map and the key. We’ve kept the original dimensions so you can really see it. This is a fascinating view of what could have been!

Boxwell Development

The original development plan for Boxwell Reservation, late 1950s.

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